Tibet Insurance Discussion

(Emergency evacuation, Medical treatment Personal Gear lost)

Traveling it is always sensible to have some sort of travel insurance and medical insurance things. However many policies exclude climbing with ropes so for 8000m expeditions insurance is a lot more difficult to find and therefore is not compulsory. Climbing without insurance this means you must pay for any rescue in full.

Before leave to your country for expedition the first place to look for insurance is your national Alpine club. Both the American Alpine club (AAC) and the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) have good policies for their members. Beyond this the next best hope is an insurance policy that has no limitations. Most policies specifically exclude so-called dangerous activities, including climbing gears with ropes. However a few policies do not have such specific exclusions, IHI for example.

We have Helicopter rescue service available in Nepal if you make your insurance for the evacuation cases as well as treatment and medicines. Rescue Helicopter can fly any time except lots of cloud and invisiable time. Beside this; it is worth understanding that in Tibet there are no golden hour rescues; basically no helicopter rescue is available. Any evacuation is normally carried out by our climbing Sherpas team with the help of some of our climbers to get you off the mountain, and then a yak or horse if you cannot walk to base camp. From there you drive back to Kathmandu where a western-staffed clinic can assist you. And for treatment there is clinic here in Kathmandu. In most cases the idea is to get you back to your home country as quickly as possible for Hospital treatment. So, before come to the any Peak Climbing, and expedition in Nepal and in the Tibet you must have travel, emergency evacuation and medical insurance which can covers for your above mentioned needs.