Tibet Visa & Expedition Permit Information

Tibet is part of China and is a very sensitive region hence the regulations are different from mainland China.

Tibet (Chinese) visa information
To visit Tibet from Nepal for mountaineering requires a special visa, once you book the expeditions trip with us then we will do all arrangement for the trip to Tibet. The process is quite involved so we need a photocopy of your passport details and 2 Passport size photo at least 3 weeks before to start the trip, also send us your occupation. A color photocopy of your passport details and passport size picture you can send us by email.

When you arrive in Kathmandu once we take your passport to the Chinese Embassy for the visa to be handed over. This is only possible Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning. Please note that you do NOT need to acquire a Chinese visa from your country. If you do have one, this will be cancelled when we get the group visa.

Other permits
Cultural Treks will take care of all of arrangements, permits for travel and expedition for your trip to Tibet and Chinese area. These include entry fees, national parks, Liaison officers and special permits required in other areas as well as peaks royalty cost etc is always included, both for BC-ABC services and our professionally lead trips. You just prepare technically and physically for the mountains.